Terms and Conditions

 1. I give my consent for HOOPS and TOPS to negotiate price on my behalf for the supply of heating oil

 2. I understand that HOOPS and TOPS will identify appropriate suppliers of oil and negotiate only the price on behalf of all HOOPS and TOPS members, and terms will not be negotiated.

 3. I understand that HOOPS and TOPS shall only be responsible for negotiating supply price with potential suppliers on my behalf as a HOOPS and TOPS member

 4. I agree that all payments of invoices must be made by me directly to the HOOPS and TOPS approved supplier for each delivery as requested by the supplier

 5. I agree that HOOPS and TOPS will have no liability to me for any claims that may arise between the HOOPS and TOPS approved supplier and me from any supply contract I may take out with them and the invoicing/payment thereof

 6. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure that my order form has reached HOOPS and TOPS each time a delivery is scheduled, and I will advise any changes to my membership details in writing.

 7. I agree that HOOPS and TOPS will need to pass my personal data to approved suppliers to enable them to make a delivery

8. Hoops are negotiating on your behalf the supply of Kerosene heating oil 28sec.

9. Hoops and TOPS is not a distribution company, we provide a service to supply heating oil to local reisidents, at a competetive price, through participating suppliers

10. We do not take payment, this is paid direct to the chosen supplier

11. Membership is FREE and HOOPS and TOPS syndicatewill not request any Bank details from its members

12. The supplier will arrange delivery on confirmation of the order, and having received payment from the members.

13. You agree that signing up with HOOPS and TOPS membership, that you are happy for us to share your details with our suppliers and sponsors.